We train the next generation of unicorns.

Unicorn (noun.)

(1) a mythical creature resembling a horse
(2) a start-up that is worth >$1B
(3) a pioneer of technology, often explained as magic

By teenagers, for teenagers. We know how to get you engaged and involved.

Summer Program

Be introduced to the world of technology.

> Learn the foundation of technological entrepreneurship

> Project-based curriculum sourced from MIT, Northeastern, and more

> Includes introductory programming, hardware, design, and business skills

> Talks and instruction from tech industry leaders

> Guidance and instruction from accomplished teenage technologists

> Questions? Email us.

Online Instruction Sessions

We teach teenagers to code.

> Free individual online instruction from certified mentors

> Connections to give students competitive edge

> Variety of different introductory courses tailored to student's interests

> Eight sessions for technological fluency

> Questions? Email us.

Learn to code. Make a difference.

Our Team

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Neel Patel-Shah

Co-Founder | | | |

Neel is a designer, musician, and entrepreneur. He has founded a charity comic series, designs for virtual reality, and produces electronic music.

Tim Lupo

Co-Founder | | | |

Tim is a developer and entrepreneur. He has started a company at MIT, won two hackathons, and released an app for iOS/Android.

Laurie Stach

Advisor | |

Laurie is a serial entreprenuer and educator. She graduated from MIT, got her MBA from Harvard, is the founder and executive director of MIT Launch, and works at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Avi Cohen

Advisor | |

Avi is an engineer and serial entreprenuer. He graduated from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and is the COO / Co-Founder of LiveU, reliable live video over IP.

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